Rossview Campus

Rossview High School

1237 Rossview Rd.

Clarksville, TN 37043


Service Times
9am & 10:30am

Kenwood Campus

Kenwood High School

251 East Pine Mountain Rd.

Clarksville, TN 37042


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Students: Relevant

In the heart of every teenager is the need to connect, belong, and live a life of significance. RELEVANT is the student ministry of Grace Community Church. We are a community of middle and high school students who are passionate about centering our lives on Jesus Christ, the one truly relevant force in human history. We are committed to leading teens to live awesome, fun, purpose-filled, abundant lives in Christ. Whether you're someone who's just starting to ask questions about God or a committed believer who wants to dig deeper, we're here to provide clear, relevant teaching to help you on your spiritual journey. We have created a website with which you can explore our student environment at

Below is our weekly environments for teenagers:

Relevant will start back on August 13th!

You MUST register your child for the 2014-2015 School Year, Register HERE.

Middle School Students

6:00-7:30pm on Wednesdays @ The Belle Hollow (inside Ms. Lucille's Marketplace) @ 2231 Madison St.

High School Students

7:30-9:00pm on Wednesdays @ The Belle Hollow (inside Ms. Lucille's Marketplace) @ 2231 Madison St. 

These environments are designed for teens to gather for worship and connect with friends in small groups.

More info at

For incoming 6th graders, mark your calendar for Boot Camp on August 15-16th. More details HERE.

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