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Rossview High School

1237 Rossview Rd.

Clarksville, TN 37043


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Kenwood High School

251 East Pine Mountain Rd.

Clarksville, TN 37042


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Welcome to Clarksville!

On behalf of Grace Community Church, we welcome you to Clarksville, TN. Moving can be one of the most difficult tasks a person or family has to endure to get to their next assignment in life. This webpage has been created in hopes of making your transition a little more bearable. As you can imagine, we are rather fond of Clarksville and pray that it becomes more than just your place of residence. We want this to be your home. Clarksville is a wonderful combination of hometown southern hospitality and big-city conveniences. Again, we hope that this page eases your transition into the community. Feel free to contact our office here with any questions you may have as you begin this journey. We do believe God is bringing you here for a reason. Be encouraged! You were sent here for such a time as this!

Getting Started in Clarksville:


Obviously, the first step is to find a place to live. We have listed links to some real estate and rental organizations, as well as mortgage brokers, to assist you in your search.

Real Estate:


Rental Properties:


Once you have found the just-right place to live, air, heat and water will most certainly come into play. Our city has one gas and water department and two electric companies. Service from the electric companies is determined by whether you live inside or outside the city limits. Below is the contact information for those services.

Clarksville Gas and Water
Clarksville Department of Electricity  (for residents inside the city limits)
Cumberland Electric Membership Corporation (for residents outside the city limits)

School Systems:

If you have children, schools are obviously very important to you and your family. Clarksville/Montgomery County has several options regarding your child's education. We pray that your family finds just the right environment for your child to excel.

Clarksville-Montgomery County Public Schools 
Clarksville Academy

Clarksville Christian School

Driver’s License, Tags and Registration Information:

If you do not already have a Tennessee Driver’s License, visit the State of Tennessee website: State of Tennessee. Your next step will be Montgomery County tags and registration: Montgomery County Vehicle Registration

Community Service Involvement:

If you're looking for a way to support your new community, here are some local agencies where you can share your gifts and talents:

Hope Pregnancy Center
United Way of Clarksville
American Red Cross
Manna Café Ministries

Other Sites of Interest in the Clarksville and Montgomery County Area:

City of Clarksville
Montgomery County
Chamber of Commerce
Clarksville Now (online news/events/areas of interest) 
Fort Campbell Military Base, Fort Campbell, Kentucky 
Fort Campbell Courier
The Leaf Chronicle Newspaper
Clarksville Family Magazine
Clarksville-Montgomery County Public Library

Disclaimer: Grace Community Church has no financial affiliation with any of these for-profit businesses. Our desire is simply to make resources available. These lists are by no means exhaustive, and, due to the vast amount of information accessible via the Internet and other resources, more up-to-date information may be available. Some of these businesses do happen to have members that attend our church; however, our goal is not to promote any business but to help you in your transition to Clarksville and Montgomery County.

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