Rossview Campus

Rossview High School

1237 Rossview Rd.

Clarksville, TN 37043


Service Times
9am & 10:30am

Kenwood Campus

Kenwood High School

251 East Pine Mountain Rd.

Clarksville, TN 37042


Service Times

Children: Cross Street


Cross Street, our Kindergarten through 3rd grade environment, is designed to lead children into a growing relationship with Jesus by creating a place where kids can experience relevant Bible study, participate in worship, and connect with other children and amazing leaders. We begin with large group, a fun time where the Bible story is presented in a creative way with meaningful worship. Then, during class time, we encourage our kids to build relationships and learn ways to apply the Bible story.

Cross Street exists to help kids:

  • Grow in their relationship with Jesus
  • Gain wisdom from the Bible
  • Develop the courage and passion to live out their faith

    We meet each week at Rossview High School at 9 am & 11 am. The doors open 15 minutes prior the start of each service.

    Our Mission in Cross Street:

    Our vision is to be the best kids ministry by how we value and love every child and parent.

    Our mission is to help kids become growing followers of Jesus by consistently focusing on the three “high’s”: high touch, high quality, and a high dependence on God.


    • High Touch is how the Kids Ministry focuses on being relationally strong as a team and willing to build relationships with the children and parents in our ministry.
    • High Quality is how every role in Kids Ministry is carried out to the best of each leader’s ability.
    • High Dependence on God is how the Kids Ministry consistently prays for God to use us to strengthen our ministry’s partnership with parents and to see children grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

    We partner with parents in the following ways:

    1.) Striving to know everyone's name

    We believe one of the most important ways to partner with parents is to know every family. Parents, please make an effort to get to know your child's classroom volunteer and we will strive to know you.

    2.) Monthly Take Home Calendar

    On the 1st Sunday of every month, we provide a copy of our monthly calendar. This is a wonderful take home tool that reinforces at home what was covered on Sunday at church. We believe that what happens at home is more important than what happens at church. It it also available anytime HERE on our website.

    3.) Monthly Online Parenting Classes

    Parenting can be tough! We want to help you navigate the world of parenting by providing monthly online classes that help you deal with some of the tough issues that your child is facing. We will send them to you by email, or they are always available online, so you can watch them in your PJ's if you want.

    4.) Remind 101

    Remind 101 is a text program that allows us to text you once a week giving you an activity or discussion that will help you reinforce what was taught on Sunday at home during the week. You can sign up for Remind 101 by texting @crossst to 931-557-8872. You can also receive it by email. Simply send an email to with "subscribe" in the subject line.

    5.) Parents Section of our Website

    We offer many resources such as Monthly Online Parenting Classes, Newsletters and other resources HERE in the Parents Section of our Website. We are adding new content often so be sure to bookmark the site and come back to visit regularly.

    6.) Rites of Passage Experiences

    We offer these experiences specifically designed to help parents pass down their faith to their children in an annual ceremony based on a developmental milestone. You'll find everything you need HERE to get started with your child's annual Rite of Passage Experience.


    Thinking about visiting Grace this Sunday?

    • Please arrive at least 15 minutes before service to register your children & get them settled in their classes.
    • When you arrive, enter the cafeteria of the high school where we have a Kids Ministry Check In Area. There will be volunteers there to walk you through the registration process.

    Want to serve in CROSS STREET?

    You can be a part of the Cross Street Team. Simply email Adam Bayne, fill out our Volunteer Application HERE, or signup for ParentServe.

    We’ll simply set up a time for you to observe Cross Street in action to see if it’s the right fit for you.