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Rossview High School

1237 Rossview Rd.

Clarksville, TN 37043


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9am & 10:30am

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Kenwood High School

251 East Pine Mountain Rd.

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Glorious: The Story of Redemption in Ephesians

One letter. Six chapters. A growing church. A pastor's heart. A glorious God. These are just some of the things we see in Paul's letter to the Ephesians. Join us this Fall as we walk through the this powerful letter to one of the earliest churches and explore God's deep message of redemption to our church today.

Blessed & Broken

How does God deal with his servants? How does he treat those who try to follow him? In the book of Genesis, we see a tremendous - and sometimes even troubling - example of how God interacts with one of his followers, Jacob. His life is full of surprising ups and devastating downs. And yet, through them all, God remains faithful to shape and mold Jacob into the person that he wants him to be. This summer, we will journey with Jacob and discover how God left him both blessed and broken. Come join us.


Ask someone how they are doing and you will almost always hear this response: busy. The demands of modern life are seemingly never-ending. Work. Family. School. Friends. Even our vacations can somehow become the very opposite of restful. What if God created us to live for something else besides busy-ness? What if he created us to experience regular places of rest within our lives? As we kick off our summer "break," we will explore what it means to practice the biblical call to margin, play, celebration, and even rest.


What is a church supposed to look like? What are people who go to church supposed to be like? There are literally thousands of types of churches in our world today, but there are some common values and marks that should distinguish every church that gathers in the name of Jesus. This month, join us as we look at the roots of the early church found in the book of Acts.


“It is finished.” Jesus spoke these three words while hanging on a cross just before he died. But what was finished? And what happened after he said these famous last words? Even though we are familiar the Easter story, we many times miss what God has done and is doing for us through the life, death, and resurrection of his son, Jesus. Come enjoy Easter with us as we explore what “It is finished” means for our lives today.

Chasing After God Knows What

What is the meaning of life? This is one of the most famous and important questions that we could ever ask. Many of us try to find meaning in money, influence, pleasure, and even knowledge. But the Bible tells us that there is something more meaningful than any of these. Join us as we explore the ancient book of Ecclesiastes in search of wisdom for our modern lives.

Beautiful Mess

Ever think life would be easy if we didn't have to deal with people? Relationships are messy, but they also bring depth and meaning to life. We are relational beings created by a relational God. During the "Beautiful Mess" series, we want to explore the incredible relationship God created thousands of years ago called marriage and see what we can learn. Our prayer is that in the mess, we can discover the beautiful potential found in the relationships that surround us!


Every January God gives us the gift of a New Year and a chance for new beginnings! This year at Grace Community Church we want to help your start well. What if we could move past our normal resolutions and take the time to actually ask God to help us know what to change in the year to come? What might happen if we started something that we could only accomplish through God’s power? What you start and how you start matters so join us this series as we help you start well!



NEXT GENerosity

Money…it’s a topic that makes us all squirm. We never seem to have enough and no matter how much we have we always want more. What could happen if instead of allowing money to dominate our lives we actually began to control it by being intentional about how we use it? During the NEXT GENerosity series we want to check out what the Bible says about money and how that plays out in our lives today. We hope that through this series we can learn to live with margin and live on a mission when it comes to the issue of money.


If the book of Colossians does anything it makes clear the centrality of Jesus in our faith. Jesus is supreme. Jesus is everything. Jesus is our hope. We know those things are true but our daily vision of who Jesus is often gets clouded by the stress of life. This month we hope that we can look through the wide angle lense of Colossians to discover all Jesus hopes to be in our lives.


Understanding our "sentness" is an important step in the discipleship process for all followers of Jesus. In this message, we'll uncover the importance of living sent lives and unveil our strategy for taking the Gospel to the nations in 2014.


Everyone knows that a compass is a tool that provides direction. If you are hiking and you are going to make it to your destination then you have to be walking in the right direction. Churches need a compass to make sure they are headed in the right direction. Our strategy at serves as our compass here at Grace Community. This series we will process why we gather, connect, and serve on a weekly basis.